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These are some of the CSS maps found on my Counter-Strike Source server - All downloads 100% FREE!!

Franimal's Servers now has a fast download server, so you shouldn't (in theory anyway) have problems joining the servers due to map problems. However, you may prefer to download and install the maps first.

On the other hand, you may just want to download the maps for your own server or whatever, so help yourself!

Download and then unzip them into to your ...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\"your steam name"\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps folder... and hopefully this will solve your map problems. If you have any problems, please mail me on the link at the bottom of the page and I'll do what I can to help!

NEW MAPS!!! (7.52MB) (gg_mayhem_final.bsp, gg_mayhem_final.nav, gg_mayhem_final.res, gg_mayhem_final.txt plus script for soundscape and sounds) (2.11 MB) (gg_bloodbath_night.bsp, gg_bloodbath_night.nav, gg_bloodbath_night.res, gg_bloodbath_night.txt plus script for soundscape and sounds) (6.66MB) (gg_doppleganger.bsp, gg_doppleganger.nav, gg_doppleganger.res, gg_doppleganger.txt plus script for soundscape and sounds) - Has minor problems with the bot navigation on the "copy" area. Needs tweaking...

OLDER MAPS (cs_jungle.bsp & cs_jungle.nav) (de_rats_home_studio.bsp & de_rats_home_studio.nav) (yeayuhhh.bsp, yeayuhhh.nav, yeayuhhh.res & yeayuhhh.txt (fun map - a little strange!) Also contains sound folder with sounds used on map) (zuhhh.bsp, zuhhh.nav & zuhhh.res (from the same people as yeayuhhh) Also contains sound folder with sounds used on map) (de_dust2_unlimited.bsp & de_dust2_unlimited.nav) (dm_omfg_v2.bsp & dm_omfg_v2.nav) (cs_assault.bsp & cs_assault.nav) (cs_assault_2005.bsp & cs_assault_2005.nav) (cs_beirut2_65.bsp & cs_beirut2_65.nav) (cs_compound.bsp & cs_compound.nav) (cs_havana.bsp & cs_havana.nav) (cs_italy.bsp & cs_italy.nav) (cs_militia.bsp & cs_militia.nav) (cs_office2.bsp & cs_office2.nav) (cs_office.bsp & cs_office.nav) (cs_office_unlimited.bsp & cs_office_unlimited.nav) (cs_office_unlimited_fixed.bsp & cs_office_unlimited_fixed.nav) (de_aztec.bsp & de_aztec.nav) (de_cbble.bsp & de_cbble.nav) (de_contra.bsp & de_contra.nav Also contains materials used in the map) (de_cpl_fire.bsp & de_cpl_fire.nav) (de_cpl_mill.bsp & de_cpl_mill.nav) (de_dust2.bsp & de_dust2.nav) (de_dust.bsp & de_dust.nav) (de_inferno.bsp & de_inferno.nav) (de_losttemple.bsp & de_losttemple.nav) (de_nuke.bsp & de_nuke.nav) (de_piranesi.bsp & de_piranesi.nav) (de_port.bsp & de_port.nav) (de_prodigy.bsp & de_prodigy.nav) (de_season.bsp & de_season.nav) (de_strike_rc3.bsp & de_strike_rc3.nav) (de_train.bsp & de_train.nav) (de_tides.bsp & de_tides.nav) (de_villa.bsp & de_villa.nav)

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